In the former villa confiscated from a Camorra boss, a school for chefs aimed at young people with Down syndrome. A unique opportunity for personal development and joy. Chef Esposito, creator of the “Cooking a Revolution” project, transformed this residence into an inclusive culinary academy, supported by other professionals in the sector and by the funding obtained during the 2023 “Festa a Vico” event.

Cooking school for children with Down syndrome, the project

The inauguration of the culinary academy in Bedroom (Naples) was an engaging and passionate event, with the enthusiastic presence of Chef Gennaro Esposito, promoter of the initiative.

During the occasion, the intrinsic value of kitchens was underlined not only as places of culinary preparation, but also as environments of inclusion and fun, where teamwork and passion for the culinary art come together.

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The villa, which bears the name of journalist Giancarlo Siani, an emblematic figure in the fight against the Camorra, was confiscated from the Polverino clan. Today, thanks to the proactive commitment of the "La Bottega dei Semplici Pensieri" association, this residence has been transformed into a precious educational structure.

Its rebirth as a culinary academy represents a tangible symbol of redemption and hope for the local community, highlighting the power of transformation and rebirth even in the most difficult contexts.

The kitchen as a magical place

The realization of this ambitious project it sparked celebrations and congratulations from the mayor of Quarto, Antonio Sabino, and the course manager, chef Michele Pelliccia.

The kitchen, now transformed into a learning environment and inclusion, it becomes a magical place where positive emotions and hope mix.

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The radiant smiles and tears of joy of the young participants testify to thepositive impact that this initiative is already having on the community.

The chef school is making a difference. He is preparing the ground to train the first chef at Mehari House. It also promises to open new doors of opportunity for aspiring chefs with Down syndrome.

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