Carbonara day, today, April 6, i 70 years of one of the most loved dishes in the world. It was August of 1954, in fact, when the first recipe for Italian carbonara was published on the pages of “La Cucina Italiana”. Since then, the beginning of a story, made up of increasingly different modifications and versions in the kitchen.

Carbonara day, the idea of ​​the party

Guanciale, egg, pecorino romano and pepper. For gourmets it is one of the most delicious mantras, for a first course that is certainly extremely substantial. Today the pasta carbonara blows out 70 candles and the celebration begins on social media party. An idea, that of April 6, born eight years ago by the pasta makers of Italian Food Union and which in 2024 always remains alive.

Carbonara day, many lovers and many variations of this dish

One of the most loved dishes in the world. Chefs and lovers of good food, over many years, have tried their hand at pasta carbonara, some in the kitchen and some at the table. The enthusiasts are almost countless and perhaps not even the variations of the recipe, some of which have sparked real battles of culinary "doctrine". Some people put bacon, others different types of cheese; some even use garlic, just like in the very first recipe. In short, a fantasy without time limits.

How was carbonara born?

70 years have passed, therefore, for pasta carbonara. But many wonder what it is originally. The hypotheses are different. In fact, there are those who trace the recipe back to the arrival of the American in Italy, at the end of the Second World War, with those "gritty" spaghetti which were certainly a complete novelty in a country prostrate by deprivation. Someone, however, thinks about charcoal burners of the Apennines and their simple cuisine, often made with cheese and eggs, the basic ingredients of this dish. But whatever its origin, carbonara is a goodness that knows no boundaries throughout the world.

The party is underway

And so, beyond the history and the ingredients, whether "pure" or "anomalous", today the party of the carbonara. Italians, therefore, go wild in the kitchen and from 12.00 you will be able to post a photo of your version of the dish on social media - Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It doesn't take much and above all two hashtag: #CarbonaraDay and #Carbonara70. Which recipe to follow? Naturally, the one you like most. The important thing is to always eat this dish with taste and in company.

Carbonara day, 70 years for one of the tastiest dishes: the party is starting last edit: 2024-04-06T10:07:08+02:00 da Gianmarco Cossu

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