About us

www.italiani.it is the portal for Italians around the world who tell the wonders of the Bel Paese.

1996 - The origins

The domain italiani.it, recorded on a winter's night over 20 years ago, was born with the idea of ​​promoting Italy, Italian products and the Italian spirit in the world, in what was the pioneering idea of ​​e-commerce.

The times were not ripe. There was still mistrust of the internet and what it represented, therefore, we put the project in a drawer but, with the vivid memory of the sleepless nights spent answering dozens of emails from our compatriots abroad. They all had in common the love for Italy, the nostalgia to listen, to read, to understand how life passed in their country of origin.

Social networks didn't exist yet!

About us - Italians and Italianness

2016 - The dream ...

In 2016 we start again with, now clear, the responsibility of managing a domain name italiani.it representing a people, our people. Let's start with a dream: to create the network of Italians in Italy and around the world for to tell e promote  our nation, the millenary culture, the unique cuisine, the style, the taste for beauty, the friendliness and the art of being able to assert oneself even away from home. Our Italy is a fascinating country, able to enchant anyone who visits it.

Who we are - A dream, Responsibility, The Italian network

What could be more beautiful than proudly narrating one's origins, the history and beauty of one's land? We from italiani.it we do just that: we enhance and promote our territory, our country, our home. We are talking about values ​​and traditions that make Italy remain in the heart for a lifetime. We do it through the testimonies and the stories of Italians in love with their land, we do it using the largest communication network in the world: the internet.
We want to convey a sense of community and belonging to all those who follow us. We want to be a point of reference for Italianness, Italian culture and local excellences.

Our name is the essence of our idea, of our project: we are the network of Italians in the world.

Who we are - We enhance and promote the territory

2018 - The reality

Today we are present in nearly 50 cities in the world...and work has already begun to arrive this year in more than 100 cities in all regions of Italy and among the most important communities of Italians in the world. All thanks to the involvement of over 200 journalists and enthusiasts from our Italy, and over 70 partners including associations, web-radios, bloggers, national and international.

Who we are - 100 cities in the world and we keep going

The future… and the goals

Italiani.it was conceived from the beginning as an international portal. Today it is, after years of intense work, after a widespread rooting in the territories. We have achieved the goal we set ourselves. The Italians who live in our country and those who reside abroad ask us to do even more, not to stop, to make our voice heard even stronger, to spread and enhance with all our passion and all our commitment the beauty, the good and the true of Made in Italy in the world.

Who we are - the-strength-of-the-net

New paths await us to reach ever more ambitious and important goals. Italiani.it intends to continue its work as a 'promoter' of Italy which has given so much to the world in the history of humanity and which still stands out worldwide with its excellence. "Italiani.it: the best Italy .... runs on the web"

About us - Future

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