The Castle of Cammarata, which stands on a cliff in the Sicilian city of the same name, in the province of Agrigento, is an architectural heritage to be saved. The numerous collapses suffered by the entire structure over the centuries have not erased its ancient charm. The tower, considered the most terrible part of the manor, because it is shrouded in an aura of mystery, is the best preserved.

Cammarata Castle, loophole

The precise origins of the castle are not known. What is known, because some documents from 1100 attest to it, is that it was under the dominion of Lucia Cammarata. In the 17th century, the castle appeared as a solid structure with a quadrangular shape, equipped with four towers and surrounded by crenellated defensive walls. Over time, earthquakes and neglect caused serious damage to the structure and the collapse of two of the towers. Nonetheless, the fortress remains a powerful symbol of the city's past and its resilience over time. Today the manor is entrusted to the Pro loco which has made it a center of cultural and artistic events.

Cammarata Castle, tower

Macabre place

The tower of Cammarata Castle in the past was the saddest and darkest place in the entire manor. The prisons were kept in it, inside which traitors and war hostages were imprisoned. Through a small ladder, the guards lowered food and water in small quantities so that each prisoner died slowly aware of his fate.


Within its walls, multiple murderers and political traitors who could no longer be freed were left to die. A legend has it that their corpses were thrown into a trap door.

Culture Week

Today, Cammarata Castle is a place dedicated to culture. In the last week of August, the annual “Culture Week”, an event that attracts international artists (painters, dancers, chefs), who once arrived in the town become the protagonists of exhibitions, events and concerts, attracting the attention of tourists. Added to this are neighborhood and patronal parties, theatrical performances, book presentations and artistic exhibitions.


Among the most beautiful and attractive initiatives is the Historical court in costume, an event brought back to life by the Pro Loco which runs through the streets and alleys of the historic centre, passing through the castle until reaching the mother church and recalling the Vow to Our Lady of Miracles from the Count of Cammarata for the recovery of his daughter. Cammarata Castle is an architectural wonder that testifies to the rich historical and cultural heritage of Sicily. Visiting this magnificent structure is equivalent to taking a trip back in time.

(Photo: Pro Loco Cammarata, Facebook Page)

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