The land, our history. The roots, our essence. Italy, our home

The desire and the will of italiani.it is to create, in the world, a network of people belonging to Italy by birth or by love who feel the indissoluble bond with our country within them.

This means putting your heart and soul… and we, of heart and soul, have a lot of it!

We want to become the first large community of Italians in the world.
Thanks to italiani.it you can admire the Italian beauties, rediscover hidden villages, be the protagonist of encounters and mysteries. Whether you are in Italy or abroad on italiani.it you will always find the hospitality that distinguishes us, the warmth that is perceived only in our homes and the friendliness that makes us unique and inimitable.

www.italiani.it the network of Italians in the world. 

Giving concrete and real information, telling the beauty, our goal.
We are first of all a network of people who love their land and feel the deep need to tell it and spread its beauty to the world.

Being Italian abroad means becoming ambassadors of those distinctive traits that make us unique and inimitable. Feeling Italian everywhere and spreading our culture around the globe is our value and our mission.
We are the country that everyone envies us and that everyone dreams of visiting ...
thanks to italiani.it  WE TELL YOU WHY!

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