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In London Annalisa D'Amelio, Italian curator, came for a vacation and never left. It promotes Italian artists and creates innovative projects that have a new outlook on art. ARTeyes is his website / blog where the projects developed with the artists can be admired.
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Sensitive like a camera, if it detects beauty, if something strikes it, it impresses it on the skin like photographic film. This is how he reacts to a work by Mario Schifano, his favorite artist. One of the best known artists on the Italian scene, with whom Annalisa collaborates is Ercole Pignatelli, with whom she developed the “Non Plus Ultra” project. Artists are encouraged to use plastic in a different way and to protect the environment. In short, art as a global cure.

Annalisa D'Amelio

In addition to curating and setting up physical exhibitions, Annalisa on her website ARTeyes highlights the emerging Italian artists. Drawings on paper, works on the theme of a word that the artist "works" and expresses, bringing to light and to the eyes of the viewer. Who looks at artists like Silvia Argiola included in CoverProject has the possibility to understand how much image and words are indelibly linked. Art, also available online, these days gives us the opportunity to reflect, to stop. To entrust ourselves to an artistic competence that has the task of making us go through in a healthy way, what today seems to scare us the most, the emotions.

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