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Martorana fruit is the emblem of Sicilian pastry. Alessandro Marchese from Catania learned the art of working fruit made with almond paste from renowned pastry chefs. The Sicilian martorana is well known and appreciated throughout Italy and also abroad.
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La fruit marzipan it's a typical dessert of Sicilian pastry, made with almond paste and hand painted in a careful and meticulous way so as not to leave out any detail.
In the Catania landscape Alexander Marquis has become a real Artist in this art of very ancient origin and still much loved.

Alessandro Marchese defines himself as "a small craftsman" who for twenty years has dedicated himself exclusively to the creation of martorana fruit products. Today it represents the third generation of an important family of pastry chefs who in Catania contributed to the spread and success of this ancient confectionery art.

The will has always been that of improve the quality of martorana fruit. One of its peculiarities is reduce the sweetness of the dough while maintaining the consistency. Years and years of commitment and dedication have led him to bring out the taste of our almond, making it more pleasing to the palate and to the eye: it has upset the ancient recipe avoiding that too sweet flavor that disgusts making its particular and unique royal pasta and in demand all over the world.

Choosing this unique, almost niche, pastry sector was not easy, but especially in the last three years, Alessandro has been recognized as a real promoter of artisanal products "Made in Sicily".

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