International Day of Peace: today a network of organizations and local authorities is launching a national program of civic education and care for the younger generations in numerous Italian schools called "For peace with care". It is an innovative teaching tool, specially designed so that young and very young people can release their positive energies and their intelligences. This is to encourage the formation of aware, capable and responsible citizens.

For peace with care

The program "For peace with care" 2022-2023 is promoted by the National Network of Schools for Peace, National Coordination of Local Authorities for Peace and Human Rights, Peace Table, “Antonio Papisca” Human Rights Center. And, again, Unesco Chair "Human Rights, Democracy and Peace" of the University of Padua, Eis- Higher Education School "Educating to encounter and solidarity"Of the Lumsa of Rome.

non violence peace

Established on November 30, 1981 byUnited Nations General Assembly,  this day is a global anthem against war, against all forms of violence. It is an important day in a world still oppressed by so many conflicts scattered from one end of the planet to the other. This day wants to stir consciences when it comes to common awareness that war is always unjust.

no was

Hope for children living in war-torn countries

For girls and boys living in war-torn countries like Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and others, the initiative was born "Let's cultivate Peace ”. Thanks to it, all people, from all over the world, are invited to invade social media, the streets and every place with flowers to ideally give to these children. Hundreds of school girls and boys in Italy have come together to create, draw or photograph a flower, filling schools with the symbols of non-violence. The message is one and only one: every war is unjust; every war steals childhood from children who thus lose forever the beauty of the most carefree age of life.  

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