Tuesday, November 7 marks a special day for fans of Gigi Riva, as the legendary footballer will turn 79. The world of football, together with numerous admirers, is preparing to pay homage to this iconic sportsman, also known as “Rombo di Tuono.”

Happy birthday Gigi Riva

In 2014, on the occasion of his seventieth birthday, aepic image of Gigi Riva had conquered the front pages of the main national sports newspapers. On that occasion, Riva wore the Cagliari shirt, celebrating the historic victory in the scudetto of the 1969-70 season, with his arms folded and a proud look that conveyed a sense of triumph.

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Today, this iconic image has become the source of inspiration for the creation of an exceptional bust dedicated to the greatest footballer in history of Cagliari. Gigi Riva, with his impressive 207 goals, remains a pillar of Italian football and the Italian national team's all-time top scorer, with 35 goals scored in just 42 matches wearing the blue shirt. The image of him embodies the glorious past of Italian football and thepride of Cagliari, remaining a timeless icon for football fans around the world.

An extraordinary bust

The bust created for Gigi Riva's birthday is one extraordinary work of art created with patience and skill by Maurizio Lampis, a talented Sardinian builder known throughout the world for having reproduced the Trevi Fountain in Rome and the entire Piazza San Marco in Venice using Lego bricks.

Maurizio Lampis and the extraordinary bust of Gigi Riva – source Lampis fb page

This diorama, 140 centimeters high, represents a tangible gift to the legendary footballer from Leggiuno who chose Cagliari as his second home. Maurizio Lampis spent over a month to complete this work of art using 12.000 Lego bricks. Making a bust of a physical person with Lego bricks is a remarkably complex task, requiring particular attention to the details and curves of the face.

Gigi Riva's Lego bust will soon be on display at Karalisbrick Brick Museum in Cagliari. But there is a surprise in store: Gigi Riva himself has agreed to autograph the pedestal of the bust in preview. This makes the work even more extraordinary and unique, adding a special touch to this affectionate tribute to the great champion. Don't miss the opportunity to admire this wonderful creation and theautograph by Gigi Riva when it will be exhibited to the public.

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