The prestigious American magazine "CIO Look" has drawn attention at an international level, reserving its latest cover for Prof. Daniele Manni of Salento, a true leader and pioneer in the field of education. In a context where prominent Chinese, American, Australian and Arab figures dominate the scene, Manni emerges as an Italian icon among the “10 Most Visionary Leaders Transforming Education”

Daniele Manni and the school, a leader capable of transforming it

Daniele Manni, teacher of Computer Science and Entrepreneurship Education at the“Galilei-Costa” Institute of Lecce, received a major honor for its distinctive didactic narrative.

His innovative in-depth methodology goes far beyond traditional lectures, dedicating more than half of his time to encouraging and engaging students projects and startups which embrace varied economic and social sectors.

Manni's presence on the cover of "CIO Look" marks an epochal moment, as it represents the first time that the prestigious magazine dedicates its cover to an Italian professional.

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The editorial team recognized the significant contribution of Manni in educating a new generation of creative and entrepreneurial minds, choosing to tell their story through an in-depth eight-page report.

This laudatory showcase highlights Manni's crucial role in inspiringeducational innovation and in encouraging students to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Manni's secrets: empathy, diversification and fun

Daniele Manni, whose contribution to education was recently recognized by “CIO Look,” shares four fundamental practices which guide his unique approach to teaching.

First, deliberately dedicate some of your class time to establishing depth empathic bond with the students. Next, adopt a strategy of diversifying lessons, supporting those who may be less motivated and encouraging those who are already progressing.

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A third key element is the constant research and experimentation of new teaching techniques and innovative approaches. Finally, Manni emphasizes the importance of creating a fun atmosphere in the classroom, believing that a passionate teacher can convey enthusiasm and stimulate student participation.

This laudable mention of Daniele Manni by “CIO Look” underlines the crucial role of Italian innovators in shaping the future of education globally, strengthening Manni's position as an inspirational leader in the field of education.

Daniele Manni, the only Italian among the ten leaders in the world who are transforming schools last edit: 2024-02-05T12:30:50+01:00 da Cristina Gatto

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