The Cagliari stadium will be named after the legendary Gigi Riva. Usually you choose to name something after people who are no longer around, so this was an unusual choice.

Cagliari, the Gigi Riva stadium arrives

Marino announced it Bartolotti, just now. Here is his post.”It's that news and above all those homages so unrelated to Italian traditions that make your heart beat faster. The new stadium in Cagliari (obviously hoping that it will be built in an acceptable time frame) will be dedicated to the most shining symbol of Sardinian football and certainly also to one of the most legendary "myths" of Italian football: Gigi Riva. Who, going beyond his discretion and his modesty, willingly accepted the proposal made to him by the City Council.
In this country where too much honor is held "after" and almost never "during" (at the Foro Italico one of the most important tennis courts is dedicated to Nicola Pietrangeli: but the other "examples" are very few) it was about time that football to such an initiative. Riva is an example, a symbol, a healthy bearer of greatness and consistency applied to sport. If it is right for Sardinians to love their land, he is Sardinian "by choice", to the point of having resisted, in order not to betray "his" land to him, to the most thunderous temptations and pressures of the most famous Italian teams. Once to a powerful man who was amazed at his refusal (four important players in exchange, plus two billion lire) he replied: “It is a quotation for which at the first small mistake someone will yell at me“ go back to Sardinia ”. I am in Sardinia and I will stay there: because I know they will always love me. Even regardless of a missed goal”
That's right!"

Unanimous vote for Riva

In fact, the 'yes' has come in Town Council, unanimously. A symbolic appointment, because the plant has yet to be built. A long applause followed the vote and the happy words of Mayor Paolo Truzzu. Result: 29 votes in favour, no abstentions.

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