In Tovena, a hamlet of Cison Valmarino (Treviso), you can admire the "Via degli angeli", an artistic-spiritual path dedicated to the celestial messengers, guardians of men. It is an open-air museum, where angels of every shape and style are painted on doors, walls, windows and supports.

Tovena, little angel

The street, which stands on the "Road of a Hundred Days" that leads to Passo San Boldo, was built after a tall stone statue depicting an angel was positioned in the square of Tovena. Initially, to enhance the place, it was thought to paint the doors of the houses, then, with the contribution of numerous artists, it was possible to create a project of great creativity and visual impact.


Born from an idea of ​​a local artist

The “Via degli angeli” of Tovena was created by Gigliola D'Agostin, owner of an art laboratory, who created it in collaboration with the local Pro Loco. The idea was born after the 2020 lockdown to beautify the village and bring some life back to it. The art laboratory is located in Piazza della Vittoria, right in the place where the high white stone base is positioned which reproduces an angel, who turns his gaze towards the valley.

Tovena, window

Precisely to this angelic figure, Gigliola D'Agostin, a local painter, was inspired by the idea of ​​creating a real open-air museum along the streets and squares of the village. With the precious contribution of 25 artists (painters, street artists, sculptors) who offered to help her and with the support of the Pro loco, in October 2020, on the occasion of the feast of the patron saints Simon and Judas, the project has become reality. It includes art installations, murals and paintings.


The works of art were appreciated immediately, thanks also to the journalistic articles and the shares made on social media, which contributed to making them known. Since then, numerous visitors have come to Tovena, intrigued by the angels and by the village itself, made even more fascinating thanks to these luminous figures, which today number around 70. The route can be visited all year round.

ancient door

The feast of the patron saints

Tovena is located in the Prosecco hills of Valdobbiadene. The small village is enriched with the rural architecture of the past, supports, ancient stone houses, capitals and aedicules, a parish church containing valuable works, a small museum of sacred art, ancient elements of popular culture. Every year, during the feast of the patron saints which is held in October, a secular fair takes place where you can taste traditional local dishes, one of which is the "Tovonese tripe".

Tovena, map

You can also take guided walks, in particular along the new path called "The path of angels”, a route that winds around the town. In short, who loves angels and asks for their protection, cannot help but visit Tovena.

(Photo: Discovering Veneto on foot, by bike, at the table and more, Facebook group)

The “Via degli angeli” in Tovena, the village guarded by celestial messengers last edit: 2024-01-21T07:00:00+01:00 da Antonietta Malito

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