Khaby lame is for sure the "social phenomenon"Made in Italy more popular in recent times. A simple boy, who from the Turin province has reached the top of the world (social) thanks to a brilliant idea and his profile TikTok. Now Khaby Lame has decided to leave the virtual world of social networks, to become a superhero, protagonist of a comic entitled Super Easy made by Piero B. Zemolo (drawings) and Giulio D'Antona (film script). The two artists are faces already known to the world of comics. They have in fact already worked with Disney, making some stories for the weekly Mickey mouse. cartoon by Khaby Lame (published by Mondadori) is already available online, on the best e-commerce sites. However, the arrival in bookstores is expected for the next one 18st January.

What is Khaby Lame's comic about

Of course, Khaby Lame's comic is not a transposition on a comic strip of the videos already present on TikTok and Instagram. Super Easy is the superhero of simplicity who, thanks to the now famous gesture of the hands, can improve the lives of the people of his neighborhood in Chivasso. Any self-respecting superhero still needs his nemesis. Batman ha Joker, Superman Lex Luthor, Spiderman il green goblins and Super Easy has Mr Domino, the genius of unnecessary complications. The social superhero will then have to clash with Mr. Domino and defeat him to try to save the world from his complicated plans. Although there will be no lack of irony that made Khaby a worldwide phenomenon, Super Easy will also tell the story of the tiktoker. The arrival in Italy from Senegal, the outskirts of Chivasso and global success thanks to social media during the terrible months of the pandemic from Covid-19.

Khaby Lame comic - cover
Photo: © Mondadori.

From the web to the bookstore: Khaby and the other social media stars

Khaby Lame isn't the only social media star to hit print. Almost all youtubers or other web stars now have their own books (from Favij, CiccioGamer, etc.). Some, however, have become real comics. This is the case of the beloved "Me Against You", the "iPants"The Himorta (famous Instagram star cosplayer). The latter, as in the case of Khaby Lame, has become a superheroine, the protagonist of the comic "The fire card".

Comic by Khaby Lame - Himorta with his comic
Photo: © Himorta (Facebook page).

Can publishing, which has been in crisis for some time, be saved by these new superheroes? Khaby Lame's comic, but books and the graphic novel starring the stars of Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, could they be an incentive to bring children closer to reading? Strange as it may seem, the sales of this type of books and comics are a clear sign of what younger people like (often at the expense of the great classics). If this is a way to bring a certain type of audience closer to reading, this type of content is welcome. Khaby Lame is the King Midas of TikTok and Instagram, who managed to unseat the (almost) unbeatable Chiara Ferragni, who knows what with Super Easy you don't even become number one in bookstores (thanks to its millions of fans around the world). We will soon have the answer.

Super Easy, the comic by Khaby Lame, arrives last edit: 2022-01-12T09:00:00+01:00 da Antonello Ciccarello

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