Locality Livasì, Spilinga, VV, Italy
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The famous Nduja of Spilinga and the authenticity of the flavors of many other delicatessen products of this beautiful company deserve your attention.
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The Livasì farm, run by the Porcelli family, has inherited from previous generations the passion for breeding and the love for the flavors of Calabria. The artisan cured meat factory was born from the desire to put into practice their knowledge on the subject, which is based in Livasì, in the municipality of Spiliga, the homeland of 'nduja. The company has consolidated a perfect combination over the years. On the one hand the use of traditional and artisanal manufacturing techniques and on the other the constant propensity for research, development and innovation. The aim is to extend the trade of its healthy and genuine products throughout Italy and abroad.

The strengths of the Livasì company are the research and selection of raw materials of the highest quality, strictly Italian and even more Calabrian. Among them the meat of pigs reared in the wild and the precious chilli pepper grown on Monte Poro. Another fundamental and essential element is the use of unique and exclusive artisan processing techniques and smoking methods during the aging process. The result is genuine products that delight the palate with intoxicating flavors that lead to the apotheosis of taste.

The queen of the Livasì cured meat factory is the 'nduja: “Orba”, “orbetta” or in a jar. Hand-made, made spicy by the chilli of Monte Poro and subjected to smoking for a seasoning ranging from 50 to 120 days, depending on the size of the product. And then jars of typical products such as dried tomatoes and peppers, handmade and dried in the Calabrian sun, flavored with capers from Pantelleria. Much of the production includes the fine cured meats: capocollo, pancetta, soppressata, classic sausage, with fennel or with onion, bacon and culatello. All produced with selected pork meats, smoked with various aromas, to taste, in every slice, the love for the flavors and smells of Calabria.

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