The documentary "Unica" by Ilary Blasi has conquered Netflix, reaching the top of the charts and sparking a heated debate. After more than a year of silence, the presenter has chosen to directly address some of the questions and criticisms raised by users, responding with a series of exclusive videos.

Ilary Blasi criticizes the documentary

In her characteristic direct style, Ilary Blasi decided to respond to viewers' criticisms through videos released on Netflix, offering a deeper look into dynamics of his life and on his version of events, exposed in the documentary “Unica.”

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Reading the users' comments, Ilary demonstrated a joking and self-deprecating attitude. For example, faced with the joking comparison with Ivana Spagna, he responded with a smile. Furthermore, he faced accusations of arrogance and impatience in his leadership, confidently stating: “You can't please everyone. Change the channel.”

ROME, ITALY – MAY 28: Francesco Totti of AS Roma cries after his last match with his wife Ilary Blasi after the Serie A match between AS Roma and Genoa CFC at Stadio Olimpico on May 28, 2017 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images)

“Unica” gave Ilary Blasi the opportunity to tell his version of the separation from Francesco Totti. In the documentary, she underlined that she had never cheated on her husband, accusing Totti of being the first to cheat and involve her daughter Isabel. Blasi revealed he had hired a private investigator to obtain evidence of Totti's betrayal and shared intimate details about Francesco's demands for him to change his lifestyle to preserve the marriage.

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As long as it's talked about

The choice to respond directly to criticism through videos on Netflix demonstrates Ilary Blasi's willingness to openly address the issues raised by "Unica". This response offers further insight into her perspective on the end of her marriage to Francesco Totti, adding a chapter to the narrative of her life journey.

While the documentary "Unica" continues to be talked about, Ilary Blasi's answers broaden the conversation, adding details and nuances to her story. The choice to directly address the audience through Netflix shows an in-depth look at his life and the challenges he faced.

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