The great beauty of our country, the less known and often not accessible one, returns this weekend 16 and 17 October per the FAI Autumn Days. Palaces, villas, churches, castles, archaeological areas. Examples of industrial archeology, museums and military sites will compete to show themselves and make themselves known through the curious and original eye of the young people of Fai. They will be the ones who will accompany visitors to discover monuments, architecture but also villages and nature trails.

Fai Autumn Days - St. Francis Wood
Wood of San Francesco

Un journey into "great beauty" often unknown even to the inhabitants of the localities where the sites that FAI wants to enhance are located. With visits to green places such as parks, urban gardens, courtyards and botanical gardens. Under the banner of the increasing sensitivity that the Fondo Ambiente Italiano wants to promote for a wider dissemination of the culture of nature.

The extraordinary treasures hidden in 600 places in 300 Italian cities

What are we going to see? First of all, it may be useful to know that, to be sure of a reserved seat, it is advisable to book a visit on the website www.giornatefai.it. The proposals this year are many and as always captivating, under the common denominator of the extraordinary and inexhaustible wealth that Italy has at its disposal. The program of this autumn weekend dedicated to the hidden treasures of our country touches 300 cities and 600 places usually not accessible or in any case little known. Over 5000 delegates or volunteers who will accompany visitors to discover, for example, the historic hotel in Villa Igiea, symbol of Palermo of the Belle Epoque. Image of a moment of great splendor for the Sicilian capital.

Twenty “pills”, one for each region, among the many proposals of the FAI Autumn Days

One pill per region. In Calabria at Capo Cortone, visit to the external area of ​​the Capo Colonna lighthouse, on one of the eight promontories that overlook the Marine Protected Area of ​​Capo Rizzuto. In Persano, in the province of Salerno, it will be interesting to visit the Royal Hunting Lodge of the Bourbons. A splendid combination of the flora and fauna richness of the Persano area and the architectural and landscape design of the Bourbon site. TO Matera you go to the discovery of rock church of Cristo La Selva, with a gentle trek in one of the most pristine areas of the Murgia Materana Park.

Fai Autumn Days - underground termoli
Termoli Underground

On stage the Gran Sasso for a visit toHermitage of Fra Nicola, a small church almost set in the rock, built by the last hermit of the Gran Sasso who had chosen this isolated place for his meditations. In Puglia, the FAI proposes, among others, i Places of the Greek Community in Altamura, between the streets and cloisters of the historic center near the church of San Nicola. In Molise, Termoli Underground it is a real journey into the past at a depth of five meters in the belly of the village of Termoli.

From Sicily to South Tyrol between palaces, villas, churches and castles with a particular eye on the culture of nature

Let's go to Rome to discover Palazzo Chigi. The uniqueness of the visit is given by the possibility of accessing some rooms that are difficult to see for the public. While in Umbria one cannot fail to report the visit to Wood of San Francesco, between woodlands and cultivated fields, pink stone walls, glades and olive groves. From medieval tanneries to contemporary art is the "journey" proposed in Fabriano. In Capannori, in the province of Lucca, the protagonist is the Village of the Camellias, a magical place nestled in the hills of Lucca where, for the past 30 years, the fascinating oriental flower has been celebrated, which has found its ideal habitat here. In Lavagna, in the Genoese area, the FAI proposes a visit to Carbone House, a small silent world on the Ligurian Riviera di Levante. While in Sardinia an exceptional journey through the territory of Santulussurgiu hit by the fire on 24 July, to reflect on environmental protection.

Fai Autumn Days - caldes
The village of Caldes

One of the most important openings in Turin is that of Army Application School which is based in Palazzo Arsenale, built in the first half of the eighteenth century. In Milan, the new Bocconi Campus, built on the area of ​​the Ex Centrale del Latte by the archistars Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, of the SANAA Studio in Tokyo, and designed according to biocompatibility and eco-sustainability criteria. In Val d'Aosta visit the small villages of High Saint-Marcel, while in Trentino Alto Adige the village of Caldes: the castle, the palace, the artists. In Venice, the historic complex of the'Arsenal, also mentioned by Dante in Hell. The FAI group of Imola proposes a visit to Dozza castle. Finally, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a walk to the Sella di Sant'Agnese, between nature and history. This site was the protagonist, among other things, of some scenes from the film "The Great War" by Mario Monicelli.

(ph credit: Fai fb page)

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