Orange blossoms for Adriano Panatta who is getting married today in Venice. It is the second marriage for the great Italian tennis player who will get married with the lawyer from Treviso Anna Bonamigo. The ceremony will be celebrated, accompanied by the notes of Ennio Morricone, in the stucco room of the town hall of the lagoon city, Ca 'Farsetti. Prestigious venue, right on the banks of the Grand Canal and a few steps from the Rialto Bridge. To unite the two newlyweds in marriage, with the civil ceremony, the magistrate Carlo Nordio, a great friend of the couple.

Adriano Panatta on the pitch
Adriano Panatta (by @davijeans is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

It will be an intimate and highly confidential ceremony, as the two newlyweds seem to wish, certainly complicit in the problems associated with the pandemic. A confidentiality, however, wanted to give this special day the right privacy and allow Panatta and his wife to share such an important moment only with a close circle of relatives and friends. A magical moment that they will try in every way to preserve. And in fact the news circulating about marriage are very few.

Wedding with a few close friends at Ca 'Farsetti facing the Grand Canal

It is known that the couple has been dating for some time, almost seven years during which Adriano Panatta had seen himself more and more frequently in the Treviso area. Sometimes for dinner in a restaurant, other times on a romantic walk or around Treviso to do the shopping. However together and more and more frequently. Although there were no confirmations, some appearances in important and visibility events in Treviso, Venice and Rome, had somehow made the couple official. Recent publications have confirmed the marriage, probably decided some time ago but postponed in recent months by contingent problems. Until this October XNUMXth, in the frame of the Venetian autumn and in the beautiful seat of the Municipality of the lagoon city.

Adriano Panatta Raquet Club, new sports project in Treviso

Adriano Panatta has chosen to live in Treviso, the city of his partner Anna. Here he wanted to combine sentimental reasons with his professional and sporting activities and interests. A few days ago, in a press conference in Treviso at Ca 'Sugana, the new sports project that bears his name, Adriano Panatta Raquet Club, was presented. The tennis champion, supported by Banca Ifis and alongside the manager at Generali Philippe Donnet and the company A&P International, in fact, took over the former Sporting Club in via Medaglie d'Oro in Treviso to give life to an important redevelopment plan to start in the coming weeks.

Adriano Panatta - tennis racket and ball

The new Adriano Panatta Raquet Club will be built on an area of ​​three and a half hectares, in the immediate vicinity of the historic center. This is the renovation project of an important sports facility to be returned, after many years, to the city of Treviso. Surrounded by greenery, the Adriano Panatta Raquet Club will have a school of tennis for children and adults with 8 tennis courts, of which you are covered. Four open and 3 covered paddle courts, two physical activity gyms with various changing rooms, a 450 square meter SPA. There will also be a new Club House with a restaurant, bar and swimming pool open to all. The works have already begun and the hope is to be able to complete them by the middle of next year with opening in September.

Honeymoon in the tranquility of the Treviso area

In the narrow list of guests to the wedding of Adriano Panatta, who recently celebrated seventy years, and Anna Bonamigo, also in second marriage, there will be the three sons of the glory of tennis had by the previous partner Rosaria Luconi. But also the mayor and deputy mayor of the municipality of Treviso, Mario Conte and Andrea De Checchi, the mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, and Philippe Donnet, CEO of the Generali Group. The following yes in a private palace on the Grand Canal. And the honeymoon? It is not excluded that, at least for the moment, the two newlyweds have decided to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the landscapes of the Treviso area where they have chosen to live.

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