Le paint they are small pancakes that are part of the culinary tradition of Salento. Originally they were prepared only during the Christmas period or for the feast of San Martino, but nowadays they are prepared all year round.

The original recipe of paint

Mix 250 g of 0 flour, 250 g of 00 flour, 400 ml of water, 1 teaspoon of sugar, 1 cube of brewer's yeast and 15 g of fine salt.

After obtaining a compact and smooth dough, place it in a bowl, cover with a cloth and leave to rise for an hour.

After the indicated time the dough will be doubled. Bring the sunflower oil to the boil and use a teaspoon to measure out the portions of dough to add to the boiling oil.

It is advisable to keep a cup of water nearby in which to dip the teaspoon to make the dough come off more easily.

Le paint they are so good that one leads to another, so be careful, because they could become addictive!

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