Castel Beseno is a magnificent and imposing fortress that dominates Vallagarina, in Trentino Alto-Adige. Built on the top of a limestone hill, in the municipality of Besenello (Trento), the manor, which is the largest in the region, occupies a position of strategic importance for the control of the valley and the communication routes. Of medieval origin, it contains within its mighty walls and its majestic crenellated towers, stories of battles, of noble families, of historical changes. Today it is one of the branch offices of Buonconsiglio Castle museum. It is also the ideal scenic setting for shows and historical re-enactments.

Castel Beseno, panorama

Theater of important battles

A jewel of medieval architecture, Castel Beseno underwent a profound renovation in the first half of the sixteenth century which gave it its current appearance. The fortress, with an elliptical shape, extends for 250 meters in length and approximately 50 meters in width. Its walls, which in ancient times served as defense, today allow visitors to admire the Vallagarina, offering an extraordinary panorama.


The internal courtyards, once chosen places for social meetings, ceremonies and daily activities, reveal interesting details about life at the time. In the basement there are cellars and cisterns, the latter formerly used for water supply. In its rooms and halls, however, you can admire frescoes, armor and historical weapons. The castle was the scene of important battles.

Castel Beseno, armor

Among these, the famous battle of Calliano of 1487, fought between the Tyrolean and Venetian troops, who suffered a harsh defeat together with their commander Roberto Sanseverino in their advance towards Trento. In 1973 the accounts Staircase, who had been its owners since 1470, donated the manor to the autonomous Province of Trento, which oversaw its restoration.


Journey into the past

Castel Beseno overlooks the town below which takes its name Besenello. The first information on the fortress dates back to the 12th century, when it was inhabited by the vassal family From Beseno. Under the control of the same family, the castle began its decay due to internal conflicts between the rulers. Following a fire in 1500, it was rebuilt and renovated but retained its identity as a defensive fortress.


The manor can also be reached on foot via a nature trail. In the immediate vicinity of the route you can admire the Rio Cavallo waterfalls. Entering the fortress is a fascinating journey into the past, which captivates adults and children alike. An unmissable experience for lovers of history, stories, architecture, mysterious places and breathtaking landscapes.

(Photo: Castel Beseno, Facebook Page)

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