Fantasanremo has become a very popular game in Italy, over 4 million teams have been created this year. A nice way to follow the Italian Song Festival from another perspective.

The results of the cover evening

Fantasanremo: the live bonus and malus broadcast on February 8th

Below is the ranking of the first two evenings.

This evening, the daily bonus is represented by a pencil, which symbolizes the copying pencil, always used to express one's right to the volt: the artists who wear it will earn + 20 points.

  • Success for The Rich and the Poor: Angela Brambati opts for flared trousers (+15 points) and feathered outfit (+10). The performers who go on stage are worth another 15 points, the flower given to the maestro is worth 10.
  • BigMama chooses a total black look (+10 points), is introduced by Teresa Mannino (+5), wears a tiara (Bonus Emma, ​​+10 points) and carries a pencil with her (+20).
  • Rosa Villain in total black: +10 for taking the pencil on stage, another +20 for her, +5 because she was introduced by the co-host
  • Gazzelle presents Rose Villain with a total black look and sunglasses: 15 points for him. Another 20, he earns for the pencil passed to Rose Villain
  • Alessandra Amoroso: total black +10, +5 for final thanks.
  • Mr. Rain earned +10 points for playing with a piano on stage and another +10 for his all-black outfit. The singer makes a mistake in his final gesture: to be valid, he should have hugged Amadeus (instead he hugs the director Melozzi).
  • Dargen D'Amico comes on stage with his usual eyes: +5. A pencil in his pocket: +20 for him. +10 for being introduced by Sabrina Ferilli
  • +10 for i French saints who bring an instrument to the Ariston stage, another +5 for the thanks and another +10 for the flowers donated to the orchestra. Also for them bonus of the day with pencil: +20 points.
  • Maninni, presented by Alfa, is the second singer in the competition: for him +10 points for a total black outfit, another +10 for a flower in his hair and +20 for the daily pencil bonus.
  • +5 points for i Bnkr44 for the post-performance thanks.
  • No points for Fred De Palma, on stage as presenter of Bnkr44
  • Clara +10 for total black
  • The Three to open the third evening of the Sanremo Festival 2024: earn +10 points by being the first artist to perform. The singer wears total black (+10), thanks after the performance (+5), goes down to the audience to give a bouquet of flowers to his mother (no bonus), in doubt a further 10 for the nipple slip (Måneskin Bonus)
  • Loredana Bertè: +5 for her, as the first “presenting artist”.
  • Bigmama: lucky charm to the Mike Bongiorno statue in Sanremo, earning +10 points

Fantasanremo: the live bonus and malus broadcast on February 7th

Here we will try to follow the live coverage of the bonuses and malus of the various protagonists of the second evening of Sanremo. We use the conditional because in the myriad of emotions, something can always escape or be interpreted differently in the regulation, remember that the official votes will be released tomorrow on the Fantasanremo app.


Here is the ranking (in the top 5 positions) of the second evening. We remind you that only 15 of the 30 competing singers performed today.

  • irama: 10 points for Irama, again in total black
  • Annalisa: black again, this time for Annalisa. A +10 which is added to the 5 points for the thanks and the 10 for giving the flowers to his orchestra conductor.
  • Maninni presents Annalisa in total black, + 10.
  • Performance bonus after midnight for Loredana Bertè, who high fives, gives flowers, says thanks and also wears the pin against violence against women. Rain of points for her too.
  • 5 points for Geolier, first singer to perform after midnight. For him, also 10 points for the total black outfit, 10 for the dedication, 5 for the thanks and 5 for the sunglasses. Shame about a -5 for sitting on the stage stairs.
  • Presented by Angelina Mango, i The Kolors they immediately win 10 points for their total black outfit, combined with a +10 for the presence of dancers and a +5 for the post-performance thanks
  • Big Mama she is the singer with the most points accumulated so far in the evening: +10 heart symbol of peace, +18 brings the broom on stage (Morandi bonus), +10 expresses a thought of peace, +10 flowers to the director, +10 Twerka, +10 high fives. Total: 68 points
  • Mahmood: +10 total black, +5 for saying thank you after the performance.
  • Alessandra Amoroso: +10 total black during Mahmood's presentation.
  • Emma: +10 total black, +10 hug the host, +10 give flowers to the host, +10 for gestures or symbols in favor of peace, +5 for thanks, finally +10 for dedicating the song to a relative. Total: +55 points
  • French saints present Emma, ​​another total black bonus. +10 for them too, without even performing.
  • Gazelles: wears sunglasses, +5, directs Enrico Melozzi +20, +10 for Gazzelle also for total black. Total: +35 points
  • The Flight: +10 total black, +5 thanks, +10 hugs the host, goes down to the audience +10 (will it be calculated or not considering that it happened at the end of the performance?), also pink bonus for Il Volo, who gave a kiss to a person of the public (other +10). Total: +50
  • Dargen D'Amico: goes down to the stalls, thus scoring 15 points. In addition to this, also another 10 for giving a kiss to a member of the public, 5 for the glasses, 5 for the thanks. Possible +10 for having been on stage longer having exceeded 5 minutes (obviously this will have to be evaluated at the end of the evening). Total: 35-45 points
  • diodate, +10 for anti-war statements, 10 points for the total black outfit and 10 for statements in favor of peace for Diodato, who by presenting Dargen D'Amico wanted to follow his appeal against the war in the Middle East.
  • Alfa: arrived pleasantly on the Ariston stage with the broom, +18 for him. He also gives flowers to the conductor (+10). Total: +28.
  • Mr Rain: +5 because it is presented by a co-host (it should count even if he doesn't sing)
  • Renga and Nek: +5 for thanks at the end of the performance, +10 hugs the host: the total should be 15 points
  • No bonuses for The Sad who presented Nek and Renga. But there could be a twerk bonus for La Sad (it would be worth +10). In fact, before introducing Renga and Nek, the trio was the protagonist of a quick dance, which could bring them another 10 points.
  • Fred DePalma: wears an all black dress, +10 for total black, +10 also for being the first to perform, +10 thanks the orchestra, Dedication +10, Flowers given +10. The total should be a 40 points
  • Ghali: +5 for being the first featured artist of the night

Pre-Sanremo: Fred De Palma will be the first to perform, Clara is the last to perform. So, +10 for both.

Fantasanremo: the numbers of the first evening, 6 February

On the first evening of the Festival, the singer who scored the most points overall was Dargen D'Amico, while Sangiovanni came in last place.

This is the first evening ranking:

Fantasanremo live: the live broadcast of bonuses and penalties last edit: 2024-02-08T19:28:00+01:00 da Staff

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