The stoats designed by the comprehensive institute of Taverna, in the province of Catanzaro, are the mascots of the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Only the official communication is missing, but from the outcome of the percentage of votes of the online survey, the sketch created by the pupils of the Calabrian school prevailed, with 53 percent of the votes obtained, over the pair of flowers, a snowdrop and an edelweiss, created by the students of the comprehensive school “Sabin” of Segrate (Milan). The starting idea was that the Olympics and the Paralympics they are for everyone and for everyone and, therefore, there will also be room for two like them who have nothing to envy from other sportsmen. A message of openness and integration.

ermine drawings
The finalist designs

The finalist designs

 The two finalist drawings were selected from the many graphic designs created by students of the first cycle classes throughout Italy. The students took part in the ideas competition "The school for the mascots of Milano Cortina 2026". The initiative, launched by the Milano Cortina 2026 Foundation and the Ministry of Education in June 2021, involved teachers and students in the 'Road To The Games'. The participation of the youngest was thus encouraged in accordance with the Olympic and Paralympic values. There are about 400 applications for membership and over 1.600 project ideas received. There are 681 participating classes and 82 collective authors of the graphic works.

milan cortina

The Ermines

A commission of experts then contributed to the identification of the two finalist papers. To launch the contest nationwide Gianni Morandi and Amadeus on the stage of the Ariston theater on the occasion of the 73rd Festival of Sanremo. For the extraordinary victory a Taverna there is great excitement not only in the comprehensive school led this year by the director Maria Rosaria Sganga but also among families and young people. The subject was created by a team of fourteen-year-olds made up of Aurora Munizza, Sara Godino, Tommaso Pascuzzi, Francesco Angotti and Federico Barra. All third B pupils of the 2021-2022 school year and who are now attending high school in Catanzaro; to support them the teacher Gabriella Rotondaro.

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