Ruxolitinib is the drug that is being tested in Calabria for the treatment of patients affected by Covid-19. Experimental therapy started a few days ago and was authorized by the regional Ethics Committee.

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The infectious diseases department of the Annunziata hospital in Cosenza started its testing. Specifically, the study was designed by doctors Francesco Mendicino and Ciro Botta of the Hematology operating unit of Cosenza. Professor Marco Rossi from the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro also supported the team.

The experimental phase to eradicate the infection starts in Calabria

Calabria is the first region in Italy asking for and obtaining the possibility of using Ruxolitinib to treat patients with Covid-9. The drug is used in hematology for chronic myeloproliferative syndromes. In the infectious diseases department of the Annunziata hospital, three patients undergo therapy with Ruxolitinib. And, according to health professionals, there would already be improvements in the evolution of the disease.

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By administering this drug, the three patients are showing a positive reaction to Covid-19 which works well for full recovery. Of course, the whole science community platforms is advancing prudently in applying the therapy. Doctors and health managers are cautious. However, given the first encouraging results, the test will certainly be extended to other patients. This is confirmed by the Health Protection and Health Policy Department of the Calabria Region.

Ruxolitinib, the anticancer drug that works on patients with Covid-19

Ruxolitinib belongs to the group of targeted anticancer drugs or tumor growth inhibitors. The molecules of which the drug is composed act in a more selective way compared to the classic chemotherapy therapy.

experimentation in infected patients

By administering Ruxolitinib to patients, the clinical and laboratory data improvement is auspicious. In fact, two of the three infected patients no longer needed oxygen after two days of treatment. For Calabria, a region with a very fragile health system and characterized by serious problems, it is definitely a result of considerable importance.


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