On the occasion of Family day, a new cooperation is born so that wherever there are Italian families in the world, "Children & Parents" wants to be there. To support them in 2 hardest jobs in the world: having children and being parents.
This is why he chose to collaborate with the Foundation "Italians.it”, has always been committed to promoting Italianness and Italian culture in the world to strengthen the sense of belonging and the bond between Italians in the world. 
Children & Parents it was the first Ethical Community in the national educational panorama and is still the only one that supports free education. Because that of well-being in the family it is a culture that must be pursued by all means and the only weapon we have to build a world of peace and true prosperity for all.

Hwith its deep roots in Italianness

Not by chance the first pedagogist in the world she was Italian. Who am I talking about? Of the big one Maria Montessori. The first doctor who stated that children are sentient beings with specific needs and that to educate them requires science, conscience and a lot of respect. Love alone is not enough.

Educating children is slow and tiring work, not recognized at all. It belongs to our Italian culture and we should be proud of this. 

Children & Parents is at your side to simplify. With authority and without ever trivializing. 

We offer you Nonprofit tools that enhance your skills, train your “X factor”, foster your teaching skills and nourish your strength "occur” to rediscover the pleasure of being together, children and parents. In Children & Parents, we believe that every family can find their own path towards educational well-being. Whether you are looking for scientific insights, shared experiences or practical ideas, our Ethics community offers a variety of resources to meet your needs. First of all, the area of ​​“EXTRA contents” designed to simplify your education and raise them as best as possible. 

Because today's children will be tomorrow's world!

This is a fact: the more care we give to children today, the greater the possibility of a better world tomorrow.
More and more often we read news stories in the newspapers involving "small" teenagers. And it is a worldwide phenomenon that does not stop. Young people today they show immense restlessness, typical of the age, but accentuated by the great uncertainties regarding the future, which exist in the current world.

Our generation turns out incapable of responding to social needs and, with respect to young people, proposes solutions with school reforms that I can't make an impact in real life pervaded by conflict, destructiveness, desolation. In fact, in the schools of any Western country we don't look at profound human needs, focusing only on what he “needs to know”. 

It is a perspective that is driven by interests linked exclusively to the world of economics, a perspective that is increasingly common deprived of ethical behavior, where we see the law of profit and profiteers prevail, of careerism, ofindividualism, of competitiveness on the material level where "having" and not "being" is fundamental.
School, on the other hand, is an institution, a reality where it would be fundamental to teach, first of all, the ideal feeling of brotherhood.
Because to progress, civilizations need to evolve into one more harmonious society, with fewer conflicts; Human beings increasingly need content that can provide an impact nourishment for one's interiority, to their own souls; today, however, it is expanding taking psychotropic drugs, that put souls to sleep.

What can we parents do?

How can we prevent our children's souls from falling asleep too and how can we support them in this changing world? 

We still have many ideas to offer you to reflect together on your education, and if you found this content useful, you can continue in-depth reading contributing: with your Gift for just €19 you can also access precious items educational manuals of the library of the Italian Association “Children & Parents” and many others dedicated content to facilitate, in an ethical and concrete way, your life and that of your children.


  • you can benefit from it for 1 whole year;
  • support other Italian children and families around the world
  • receive the secret keys of the PortalsMagical: digital educational games for your children!

Donate now and access all "EXTRA contents” designed for you!

Article by Ilaria Zamboni
counselor expert in ethical communication and social relations, 
president of the non-profit “Children and Parents”
in collaboration with the other experts of the Ethics Association.

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