Italy and the usual problem of stadiums. A long-standing problem that is still far from being solved and which will probably take decades before being definitively resolved.

The season for some clubs is already over, for others (involved in the end of the championship in Serie A and in the play offs and play outs of Serie B and C), it is still in progress. In the case of the former, we are starting to plan the next season gradually. Not only from the point of view of the transfer market but also and above all on a bureaucratic and organizational level (retreats, registrations, etc.).

And it is precisely in these hours that the news sees, once again, a club having to (probably) give up its stadium for a long period.

Work at the stadium: possible competitions elsewhere

The news comes from Mantua. As we learn from the newspaper La Voce di Mantova, by June 4th the Virgilian club will have to register for the championship also indicating a gaming facility to be used in the event of failure of the work on the Mantua stadium. As a second hypothesis, we will opt for the Dino Manuzzi of Cesena. No agreement yet between Cesena and the Virgiliani but only a verbal agreement between the two presidents.

Work begins on the stadium: any away matches in the next championship? The news last edit: 2024-05-14T19:05:23+02:00 da Staff

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