The television epic “The wheel of fortune” is renewed in an edition full of nostalgia and novelty, paying homage to the unforgettable Mike Bongiorno and revitalizing the concept of the Italian game show. In the current context, in which hyper-talk seems to be taking over, this program represents a linguistic and cultural refuge, a return to the roots of Italian television.

Wheel of Fortune, the rebirth of the iconic game

The legacy of “Wheel of Fortune” is intertwined with the indelible memory of Mike Bongiorno, an icon who left an imprint in the hearts of generations of viewers.

With Gerry Scotti at the helm of this new chapter, the promise is to preserve the enchantment of the original show, keeping its legacy alive educational and fun spirit.

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Over the years, the historic program has grown far beyond its status as a simple game show. It has become a beacon of language learning and a time of constructive entertainment for millions of people.

Through its challenges and puzzles, “Wheel of Fortune” has played a crucial role in the dissemination andexaltation of the Italian language, making it accessible to all.

The format

The new format of “La Ruota della Fortuna”, carefully produced by RTI and Endemol Shine Italy, emerges as an exciting reinterpretation of classic television entertainment. Jealously preserving its distinctive features, the program now presents itself with a touch of freshness and innovation.

With the fascinating presence of model and showgirl Samira Lui, Gerry Scottic prepares to guide contestants through a whirlwind of engaging challenges. In these tests, the combination of knowledge of the language and luck mixes into an irresistible cocktail of suspense and fun.

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In an era in which the value of words risks fading into the background noise of hyper-talk, "The Wheel of Fortune" tries to include culture and entertainment. The Italian language is revered and exalted and playing with words becomes an act of celebration of ours linguistic and cultural identity.

This new chapter is not just a new television season, but a passionate invitation to rediscover the pleasure of exploring the power of words and to pay homage toindelible legacy of Mike Bongiorno.

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