had the honor of hosting, as part of the literary café, the cardiac surgeon Sonia Albanian, head of arrhythmia surgery at the Bambin Gesù hospital in Rome. Dr. Albanian, graduated from the University of Bologna, she specializes in general surgery and cardiac surgery; she experienced a Montpellier, then in Paris and also in San Francisco. Among other things, she was the first woman in Italy to undergo a heart transplant. We also talked about this during the intense and exciting live interview on the facebook page. Doctor Albanese is also deeply attached to her roots and is a woman, a surgeon, who combines empathy and humanity with competence. Below, the full interview.

Video interview with Dr. Sonia Albanese, head of arrhythmia surgery at Bambin Gesù in Rome last edit: 2024-01-31T15:30:00+01:00 da Paola Stranges

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