Little snow, little cold. The climate of these Christmas holidays between Christmas 2023 and New Year 2024 is certainly mild. In some mountain areas the damage caused by the lack of tourism is being counted because there is no snow. The cold? Only at night and in areas with a certain altitude, otherwise temperatures remain closer to the concept of autumn climate than winter.

In Piedmont the hottest days since 1958

Secondo Fanpage, in Piedmont, 22 and 23 December 2023 were the warmest December days since 1958, the year in which measurements began.

Very little snow, even in the mountains, and many places had to keep the lifts closed. In some places, such as Bardonecchia (TO), you can ski exclusively thanks to programmed snow systems.

Weather, when does the cold arrive?

But, faced with such a mild climate, one wonders: when does the winter cold arrive? Many believe that the seasons have simply "shifted" from the traditional ones. For example, last June the temperatures were not summery but cool and with rainy days and summer in some places lasted until late October. Therefore, in December it is as if we had an autumnal temperature in view of the expected winter with cooler temperatures between late January and March-April. Will it really be like this?

The latest forecasts from the European Center, with operational headquarters in Bologna, leave little doubt: the thermal values ​​should remain above average even up to +3°C over a good part of Europe already between December and January: from the Iberian Peninsula to Russia and Scandinavia. In short, put simply, yet another mild winter is expected, clear sign of climate change.

Christmas holidays, record heat: little snow even in the mountains last edit: 2024-01-02T13:52:16+01:00 da Antonio Murone

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