With the next Carnival 2024, school closures are taking shape in various Italian regions. Details of the updated school holiday calendar with key information on when lessons will be interrupted and when lessons will resume school activities. A complete overview to facilitate planning for parents and students, ensuring effective management of the holiday period.

Carnival holidays 2024, the dates

The carnival celebrations begin on January 27th and will reach their peak with Shrove Tuesday on February 13th. However, it is important to note that holiday dates may vary by region, and the length of school breaks may differ significantly.

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Dates and closings:

  • Valle d'Aosta: February 12-14;
  • Province of Bolzano: February 10-16;
  • Province of Trento: February 8-13;
  • Campania: February 12-13;
  • Calabria: February 12-13;
  • Veneto: February 12-14;
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia: February 12-14;
  • Basilicata: February 12-13;
  • Piemonte: from 10 to 13 February;
  • Molise: from 12 to 14 February;
  • Sardinia: February 13;
  • Lombardia: 16-17 February
  • Puglia: February 12-13
  • Sicilia: from the 12 to the 14

Reopening schools

The reopening phase of schools after the Carnival holidays will be characterized by a diversification of dates, with the majority of Italian regions expecting the return to lessons by 13 February.

A notable exception is Lombardy, where the return to the classroom is scheduled for February 17, following the celebration of Ambrosian Carnival.

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It is important to note that each region has a specific calendar, with some extending the holidays until February 14th. To obtain detailed and specific information on your region, it is advisable to stay updated, as some decisions may be taken independently by the colleges of educational establishments.

Vacation planning should take this information into account to ensure a smooth transition in the period following the Carnival, allowing adequate preparation and a gradual resumption of school activities.

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