Nutella donut: there are many recipes for preparing this delicious dessert, each chef or aspiring chef personalizes it based on their personal tastes, modifying the doses of that ingredient rather than that other, and this is how many variations of a dessert are born which is now part of the Italian culinary tradition.

Today we will offer you the recipe for the Nutella donut which, we are sure, will satisfy even the most greedy palates.

Those that... not just sweet

How do you prepare the Nutella donut dough?

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 220 g. of sugar, 130 g. of sunflower oil, 150 g. of ricotta, 50 ml. of milk, 350 g. of sifted 00 flour, 16 g. of baking powder and the grated peel of an orange. (NB if you don't have ricotta, add another 200 ml to the quantity of milk indicated above).

Method: mix the eggs with the sugar and then gradually add all the other ingredients. Once you have obtained a smooth, lump-free dough, pour half of it into the previously buttered and floured pan, add the Nutella in the quantity you prefer (I usually add five tablespoons), pour in the rest of the dough and mix roughly. with the help of a fork, making circular movements.

Cook in a fan oven, preheated, at 170° for 40 minutes. Before turning off, with the toothpick trick, make sure that cooking is completed, otherwise leave it in the oven for the time necessary for cooking to be completed. Let it cool before turning it out. Enjoy your meal.

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