Sonia Nania it represents in all respects the warmth of Sicily: cheerful and sunny, it is a volcano of ideas. And it made itself available to its territory, Scordia (in the province of Catania). From a simple citizen, in fact, over the years it has become an organizer of events that have involved many Scordians (and not only). Beautiful stories that remind us of the importance of getting involved to always aim to enhance the reality in which we live!

Sonia tell us a little about yourself…

“I live in Scordia, I'm 40 years old, I have two children, a 20 year old and a 16 year old and I have a super active life”.

How did your desire to make yourself available to the area as a volunteer to promote events arise?

“It all started by chance, thanks to my children and to give them an example of life and make them understand that great things can be achieved even with little. Then, thanks also to the trust of the people and the mayor, I was often appointed as an event organizing committee and from there it was born from my desire to get involved. I often find myself organizing activities that involve the little ones, precisely because we need to start giving examples of sociability from an early age. We are in an era in which we live perpetually on social media. The excess of progress, among other things, has caused a form of regression. Kids are obsessed with these black screens that lead to a blackout of creativity. I like to push people to return to the streets and abandon social media at least for a day."

Giulio Ferrarese is the 16 year old inventor of Valenx, a new language –

“I always take the opportunity to create social opportunities for adults and children. With my husband, free of charge, we organized the fair of the dead or the summer carnival, afternoons on the move such as the arrival of Santa Claus or the Epiphany. Just to name a few examples of successful events. Over the years I have also invited dance schools, gyms and associations from neighboring countries, and this has allowed the events to grow year after year. I always thank those who trusted me by believing in me and my potential."

What are the difficulties in organizing large-scale events?

“Willing is power. There are difficulties, but they are overcome because the will is there. I take this opportunity to thank the sponsors who are always there. When organizing an event, there are also various authorizations to be had and the involvement of people. And often alone you have to deal with a thousand commitments in a short time. But the input is always there, so the results are obtained."

And the joys?

"At the end of the work you always reap the fruits. I see people walking around carefree who want to hug you and praise you, even a simple message is a source of joy for me and this is certainly the greatest satisfaction."

Dancing… what a passion! – itFrancofonte (

Finally Sonia, how important is it today to bring people back to the streets?

“It matters a lot. The country needs to bring people back to the streets, especially for the economy. We are the ones who create it and allow the activities themselves to live. Without events and parties people would have a tendency to go out. And it is important to entertain citizens in their own country so as not to make them run away. Coming together after the pandemic is also important. There are many children born during the Covid period who have missed a lot. And it becomes vitally important to make up for that time lost during the lockdown to ensure that we can breathe the joy of being together again."

A smile at the service of the territory, the story of Sonia Nania last edit: 2024-01-09T15:18:00+01:00 da Christine Scevola

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