The controversy post Sanremo they don't end. A short while ago, clashes occurred outside the RAI headquarters in Naples, in Fuorigrotta, where a demonstration is taking place to denounce the position taken by CEO Roberto Sergio on the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

The police, in riot gear, repeatedly attacked those participating in the demonstration. There were some injuries. In fact, what is happening in Naples is the result of the climate of tension that was felt in Sanremo and with the continuous anti-Israel appeals launched from the Sanremo stage first and from Sunday onwards. Reading CEO Sergio's statement did nothing but increase the controversy on the issue.

Here is the video testimony of one of those present at the event published a little while ago on Instagram and still visibly shaken.

Breaking news: post-Sanremo clashes outside the Rai headquarters, the video last edit: 2024-02-13T13:23:40+01:00 da Staff

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