A large enterprise allows Francesco Lamon, Simone Consonni, Jonathan Milan and Filippo Ganna to conquer the Olympic final in the team pursuit of track cycling. At Tokyo 2020 Olympics the blue team is the favorite after printing the world record of 3'42 ”307 in the match against New Zealand. An incredible exploit for the four guys who will play tomorrow morning in the final for gold against Denmark.

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The company of track cycling awaiting the final

"The boys have shown that the work done over the years has led to so many emotions. Today one of the great satisfactions is back. Now we have to hold on for another 24 hours and then if they want to get drunk it's okay“Said Ganna. "Some countries have said that my handlebar was not homologated, but it was by the UCI, they wanted to put a spoke in the wheel", Added the blue who then thanked"the staff for their commitment, thanks to those close to us we managed to achieve these results, they gave us a great hand today to do something beautiful".

It will serve the best Italy to beat Denmark, world record holder earlier today. The time of 3'42 ".307 canceled the 3'44.672 set by Denmark at the beginning of 2020, before the pandemic. The Danes have long remained in suspense for the incredible collision against the British rivals, in the battery that according to the times qualified the other finalist. Initially the judges decided for the victory of the Danes, given that it was Great Britain that had to give way, but the buffer opted for the appeal. Two hours later comes the final decision with Denmark qualified for the final.

Filippo Ganna, Simone Consonni, Francesco Lamon and Jonathan Milan, the career

Born in Verbania, Filippo Gana he is part of the INEOS Team and in 2016 he won the world title in the individual pursuit. It was then repeated in 2018, 2019 and 2020, also being permanently part of the team quartet. Complete athlete, he also competes on the road and in fact participated in the Tokyo time trial finishing fifth. He is in his second Olympics and is a champion of the races against time. He is the one who pulled the team to the world record in the final laps. Simone Consonni instead he has been passionate since the age of 6. Started from Bergamo, conquered the world via the United Arab Emirates. He too, like Ganna, alternates between track and road and participated in the Rio Olympics.

Francis Lamon was born in Mirano and is part of the sports group of the Blue Flames. After winning many Italian track titles, he has conquered podiums and world records. In Rio 2016 he finished sixth in the team pursuit and now dreams of the title. jonathan milan instead he was born in Tolmezzo in 2000. He started pedaling at the age of 4 and in 2020 he won the bronze medal at the World Championships in Berlin with Italian leadership in the team pursuit.

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