One of the most significant innovations this year is the introduction of Student resume, an essential document for the transition from higher education to university or the world of work. Although its compilation does not influence admission to the exams or their passing, the CV significantly enriches the candidate's presentation, offering a complete overview of her skills and interests.

Countdown to the 2024 Maturity Exams, the guide for the student's curriculum

As the 2024 final exams, set for June 19, many students still find themselves unsure of how to manage the student's curriculum.

This document is fundamental for outlining in detail the school experience and extracurricular activities of high school graduates, offering a complete vision of their skills and interests.

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According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Merit, the Student Curriculum collects essential information on the training of the students.

It includes details on the school curriculum, certifications obtained and extracurricular activities carried out. The student's CV tells the story personal and academic history, highlighting his passions, skills and commitment to significant activities.

The details of the school news

The Student Curriculum is divided into three main sections:

  1. Educational Information: Compiled by the school, this section includes data on the educational path, the qualification obtained and any other academic qualifications.
  2. Certifications: Here you will find linguistic, IT or other certifications. This part is filled in partly by the school and partly by the student.
  3. Extracurricular activities: Completely edited by the student, this section collects experiences in the professional, sporting, musical, cultural, artistic, active citizenship and volunteering fields.

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During the oral final exam, the commission may refer to the student's CV to personalize the interview. Using the information contained in the CV allows you to delve deeper into specific aspects of the candidate's career, representing a significant advantage for those who have filled out the document carefully.

Although it is not mandatory for admission or passing the high school exams, an incomplete curriculum may not adequately valorize all the skills and experiences of the student. A complete document, on the other hand, offers a richer and more detailed presentation, useful for entering the university or working world.

After the state exams, the curriculum will be updated with the high school diploma grade and archived online on the Single platform of the Ministry of Education and Merit. This will allow students to access the document at any time for future academic or professional needs.

This document, in addition to being a valuable tool during the exam, represents a fundamental resource for future exams academic and professional opportunities.

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