The narrowest alley in Italy is located in the historic center of Ripatransone, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, in the south of the Marche. The splendid medieval centre, which has 4400 inhabitants, rises at 500 meters above sea level and is considered the “Belvedere del Piceno” for the wide panoramic vision it offers to the gaze.


The particularity of this street attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. The alley, so called because it respects all the standards necessary to be considered such (paving, passability and the presence of at least one window or door overlooking it), is only 43 centimeters wide. In some places, towards the top, it narrows to even measure 38 centimetres.

the narrowest alley in Italy

These characteristics have allowed the Ripatransone alley to snatch the record from Baciadonne Alley of Città della Pieve, in the province of Perugia, “only” 53 centimeters wide.

Tourist attraction

The narrowest alley in Italy was discovered in 1968, during the measurement of all the alleys in the historic centre, which Professor Antonio Giannetti. Over time, the street has become the major tourist attraction of the place, so much so that the Ripatransone Tourist Office issues a certificate to anyone who passes through it.

narrowest alley in Italy, Palazzo Municipale

Not far from the narrowest alley in Italy is Piazza XX Settembre, which is the heart of the town. Here, where the 43rd parallel of north latitude imaginarily passes, two historic buildings overlook. The first is the Municipal Palace (1790th century), guardian of the library and the C. Cellini Archaeological Museum. The second is Palazzo del Podestà or degli Anziani (dating back to the early XNUMXth century) and houses the Luigi Mercatini theater (built in XNUMX).

Its story is legend

The narrowest alley in Italy is dedicated to the legendary feudal lord Transon, from which the name of the municipality derives and was an integral part of its defense system against possible enemy attacks. The street does not have a name but is known as "Il Vicolo della Luna".


Its history is shrouded in mystery, and there are various legends and stories told among the local inhabitants. Some argue that it was intentionally built narrow to defend the village from possible invasions. Others believe that its shape is due to the urban planning constraints of the time. Certainly, the alley is an unmissable stop for anyone who wants to discover the hidden wonders of the Marche and immerse themselves in a unique and evocative atmosphere.

(Photo: Municipality of Ripatransone; The narrowest alley in Italy, Facebook pages)

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