The legend of Bianca di Collalto, a young and beautiful handmaid who was walled up alive out of jealousy, is linked to the castle of Collalto and the times of the Crusades. The manor, with medieval architecture, dominates the village of Susegana (Treviso). Its history is connected to the vicissitudes of the owners: the noble Collalto family.

We talk about it in an interview from 1925

The legend of Bianca di Collalto gives this place a touch of mystery which further amplifies its charm. It is said that her handmaid was walled up alive due to the unjust jealousy of her mistress, Chiara Da Camino. It seems that his ghost still wanders among the remains of the ancient manor in search of peace. Those who claim to have seen her report that the young woman appears dressed in white to announce joys or in black to announce misfortunes.

The legend of Bianca di Collalto, castle

There are numerous testimonies of this legend in literature. Among the most recent is an interview given in May 1925 by Countess Maria of Collalto to the Austrian newspaper Neues Wiener Journal.


The legend of Bianca di Collalto was born from the clash between the Da Camino and Collalto families, the most powerful in the hinterland of the Republic of Venice, both of Lombard origin. After centuries of battles, the two families reached a truce, sealed by the marriage of Count Tolberto di Collalto with Chiara Da Camino. Bianca was an employee of the Collaltos, in charge of the female servants. The countess harbored a deep jealousy towards her.


When her husband Tolberto was called to war, on the day of his departure he entered armed into the bedroom where Chiara was sitting in front of the mirror, while Bianca, behind her, was combing her hair. When she came out, Chiara saw through the mirror that her husband was greeting her handmaid, who had tears in her eyes. When the count was far enough from the castle, overcome by blind jealousy, the countess first had Bianca imprisoned in the underground prisons of the manor, then had her walled up alive in one of its towers, despite the young woman swearing that she had never had a relationship with Tolberto.


When the count returned from the war and learned of the terrible case, unable to forgive his wife's horrible gesture, he chased her out of the castle. The ancient manor, which stands in a strategic position between the hills of Susegana and Montello, had great importance in the Middle Ages. During the First World War it suffered almost total destruction.

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