The Devil's Bridge, also known as "Maddalena Bridge", is located in Borgo a Mozzano, in the province of Lucca. The ancient arched bridge, which joins the two banks of the Serchio river, is a true masterpiece of medieval architecture and one of the most evocative in Italy. Its fame is also linked to a legend, according to which it was built by Satan in a single night.

Devil's Bridge

An original structure

The construction of the Devil's Bridge dates back to the times of Countess Matilda of Canossa (1046-1115), who had a great influence in the Garfagnana. A reconstruction of the bridge took place in the early 1300s at the behest of Castruccio Castricani (1281-1328), leader and lord of Lucca. However, its current appearance, with arches asymmetrical to the central one, which is much wider and taller, is the result of the reconstruction carried out later. The bridge, in fact, was seriously damaged in 1836 by a flood of the Serchio, and modified at the beginning of the twentieth century.


It is said that…

A legend linked to the Devil's Bridge tells that the bricklayer who was supposed to build it, unable to complete it, was overcome by despair and asked Satan for help. The latter, in exchange for the soul of the first living being who passed through there, promised to finish it in a single night. The master builder accepted but, frightened by that promise, he confessed everything to the village parish priest, and together they looked for a ruse to deceive him. The idea was to throw a piece of focaccia onto the bridge to attract a dog (other versions speak of a goat or a pig). This is how it happened: an animal passed over the bridge.

on the Devil's Bridge

Having discovered the deception, the Devil, out of spite, changed the width of the arches, before disappearing into the waters of the river. Another legend, however, tells of a noblewoman, such Lucida Mansi, beautiful and rich, terrified of the idea of ​​growing old. One morning, the woman, after discovering a wrinkle on her face in the mirror, went to walk nervously on the bridge. Here she met a young man who promised her thirty years of youth in exchange for her soul. She clearly accepted, but when she reached the highest point of the main arch, the man, transformed into Lucifer, threw her into the river.

Suggestive place

The Devil's Bridge has over time become a very popular tourist attraction, attracting visitors from all over the world. There have been numerous artists and photographers who have immortalized this evocative place, making it famous even outside the Italian borders. The bridge is also a very romantic place, perfect for a sunset walk. Precisely because it is rich in history, legends and charm, it is certainly worth a visit.

(Photo: Ponte della Maddalena, Facebook Page)

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