An epic feat in the world of video games was achieved by Willis Gibson. The young 13-year-old from Oklahoma has broken every limit completing the Tetris game. This unprecedented record, which defies 34 years of gaming history, was achieved in the Nintendo version of the game, making Gibson the first human to accomplish this feat.

13 year old Tetris finishes game in 38 minutes

The video posted on his Youtube channel, under the pseudonym “Blue Scuti”, shows the extraordinary moment when he reaches level 157 in just 38 minutes, bringing Tetris to a sudden halt.

Gibson's enthusiasm, demonstrated by his exclamation of amazement and the realization that he no longer felt his fingers, caught the attention of passionate and curious.

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The president of the Tetris World Championship, Clemente wins, officially recognized this feat as no human being had ever achieved before.

This extraordinary result sheds new light on Tetris story. A game that has challenged fans for years, considered impossible beyond level 29 due to the prohibitive game speed.

The best-selling and most played video game ever

Tetris, created during the Cold War by Alexey Pajitnov and developed by Henk Rogers, continues to demonstrate its strength in global gaming panorama.

The extraordinary feat of Willis Gibson in completing Tetris, it has added a new and compelling chapter to its already rich history.

Tetris, with its simplicity and engaging challenge of uniting falling block shapes, has cemented its position as an indelible icon in the vast landscape of video games.

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According to The Tetris Company, the game has reached a incredible achievement, becoming the best-selling of all time with over 520 millions of copies sold.

The exceptional achievement of Willis Gibson, the first human being to bring Tetris beyond level 29 in 34 years, it thus turns into a legendary chapter in the history of the game. His feat inspires aspiring gamers and attracts the attention of video game enthusiasts in every corner of the world.

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