In Italian pension system there are work activities that give you the right to take your pension earlier than other activities. In fact, there are some particularly exhausting work activities that are defined as "heavy work". And they are activities that give the right to two different pension measures. Both with notable advantages from the point of view of the age at which they leave the world of work.

Do you do these jobs? in 2024 you retire early with one of the two early measures

For the purposes of accessing theSocial bee and quota 41, carrying out one of the heavy jobs required by current legislation is essential. Because among the various categories to which the two measures are aimed, there are those employed in heavy-duty tasks. Before delving into the requirements for the two measures, it is better to start from the list of heavy work activities provided for by current legislation, which refers to the 2017 Budget Law (Law no. 232/2016, ed.), and Budget Law 2018 (Law n° 2025/2017, ed.). The tough jobs are:

  • leather and fur tanners;
  • unqualified cleaning service workers;
  • goods movers and porters;
  • drivers of trucks or heavy vehicles in general;
  • train drivers and railway traveling personnel;
  • crane operators and drivers of drilling machinery in construction;
  • nurses and midwives in operating rooms and delivery rooms who work on shifts;
  • nursery and nursery school teachers and educators;
  • construction workers;
  • ecological operators and garbage collectors;
  • care workers for non-self-sufficient people;
  • maritime workers,
  • fishermen,
  • agricultural workers
  • steel workers.

How to anticipate your pension with quota 41 or with the social Ape in 2024

There are two measures that allow you to advance your pension with hard work. Quota 41 has no age limit. You just need to reach 41 years of contributions, of which 35 are actual (without the notional contributions from unemployment and illness). Furthermore, one year of contributions, even intermittently, must be completed before the age of 19. With the Social Ape, however, you must reach 63 years and 5 months of age, and accrue at least 36 years of contributions. The Bee is a bridging income up to 67 years old. Because upon reaching this age the interested parties will have to submit the application for an old-age pension since the pension with the Social Ape expires.

Do you do these jobs? In 2024 you retire early last edit: 2024-01-23T16:25:56+01:00 da Giacomo Mazzarella

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