In Pesaro, Palazzo Mosca hosts the Sonosfera, an extraordinary structure involved in permanent initiatives, designed to capture the audience's attention and arouse intense emotions. Created by genius David Monacchi, sound artist, eco-acoustic researcher and composer, this unique journey in the world synergistically unites Raphael's fascinating images with the authentic sounds of nature, offering an unprecedented sensorial and artistic experience.

The Sonosphere Experience

The adventure in the Sonosphere begins with the entry into an enigmatic dark globe, equipped with 45 seats, initially creating an atmosphere of mystery.

The end result is extraordinary, transporting viewers into one extrasensory dimension, where they can immerse themselves in the enthralling sounds of nature or even cross the threshold into Raphael's artistic world.

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La innovative structure it is characterized by a transparent auditorium equipped with 45 speakers, arranged in a perfect spherical geometry to guarantee high definition audio and three-dimensional reproduction of the soundscape.

The experience is further enriched by a spherical projection crown at 24k, offering a complete 360° visual panorama. A true fusion of technology and art for a unique and engaging experience.

The proposals

Within the Sonosphere, the current offering includes two fascinating proposals: “Fragments of Extinction in the Climate Clock” and “Raphael”. In the first, viewers are transported into a audio and visual journey through the pristine ecosystems of the Amazon, Africa and Borneo, immersing yourself in the oldest and most biodiverse equatorial primary forests on the planet.

In the second, “Raphael” represents a bold one digital linguistic innovation which uses three-dimensional sound and 360° vision to explore the cycle of frescoes in the Stanza della Segnatura dei Vatican Museums.

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These multi-sensory experiences offer an extraordinary marriage of advanced technology and the extraordinary beauty of art and nature.

In the Sonosphere, the fusion of captivating sounds and stunning images creates a unique atmosphere. An engaging and satisfying experience for spectators, who find themselves immersed in a perfect combination of innovation and aesthetics.

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