In September, a generational icon risks disappear from the shelves: the Smemoranda agenda has failed, the school diary that has marked entire eras is in danger. The bankruptcy of the financial group of the same name in March 2023 led to a failed auction for the acquisition of the rights to the brand. Let's find out the origins of this cult symbol, its role in the Italian cultural panorama and the challenges that led to its crisis.

Smemoranda has failed, rebirth is impossible

In 1979, Gino and Michele they founded the Smemoranda agenda, which stood out as an authentic generational symbol. His influence extended beyond the borders of student movement, alongside the voices of intellectuals, artists and prominent personalities.

Collaborations with prominent figures such as Claudio Bisio, Luciano Ligabue and Jovanotti played a decisive role in consolidating the success of the brand, recognizable by the iconic apple.

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Smemoranda represented one personal space, a diary to be enriched with stickers and memories, anticipating in a surprising way the social dynamics that characterize the contemporary era.

The crisis

Despite the golden years characterized by significant economic success, the Smemoranda brand suffered a dramatic impact due to the crisis, aggravated by the advent of Covid-19 pandemic and the spread of distance learning.

Various factors, including growing competition, the decline of traditional stationery shops to the advantage of large-scale distribution and e-commerce, the use of digital devices and the mandatory nature of school diaries, have contributed significantly to the inexorable decline of the Smemoranda brand.

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Giochi Preziosi leased the brand for a year, but it didn't work. The most recent auction, again, marked the end of an era. The Smemoranda diary, once considered an undisputed icon, is now at risk of disappearing from the shelves.

The failure to sell the rights to the brand at auction represents the definitive epilogue of a historical period, symbolizing the irreversible crisis of a cultural icon.

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