As the Sanremo Festival, scheduled for February 6, approaches, Amadeus' official invitation to Jannik Sinner continues to arouse interest. Fiorello, speaking on Viva Rai2, offers his point of view on the situation, ironically outlining theOperation Sinner in Sanremo as a fundamental step to guarantee the participation of the talented tennis player in the prestigious event.

Sinner in Sanremo?

After the triumphant victory for Jannik Sinner at the Australian Open, the invitation extended by Amadeus was conveyed through Tg1 and social channels, significantly increasing expectations regarding his participation at Ariston.

In a light-hearted style, Fiorello jokes about the situation, making fun of Amadeus with a joke: "I already know that when Sinner goes to the Quirinale, at a certain point, Amadeus will come out under the uniform of a cuirassier to convince him to come to Sanremo. "

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The funny one gag by Fiorello continues, this time addressing Jannik Sinner directly: “Jannik, I can understand what is happening to you; Amadeus has targeted you and won't leave you alone until you say yes. "

A humorous vision of how Amadeus could persuade the tennis player to accept the invitation to the Sanremo Festival.

The surprises on the Ariston stage

Meanwhile, Jannik Sinner's waiver to Marseille tournament, scheduled during the week of the Sanremo Festival, fueled further speculation about his actual participation in the event.

The tournament director indicated that Sinner will have social and media commitments, suggesting the possibility of his presence in Sanremo.

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The question of whether Sinner will get on the stage of the Ariston together with Fiorello or Marco Mengoni still remains unanswered, but the wait is approaching its conclusion.

With Fiorello, a tennis enthusiast, and Marco Mengoni, also interested, the edition could reserve surprises on the Ariston stage. It remains to be seen whether Sinner will join the artists in a unique performance that could characterize this year's Sanremo Festival.

Sinner in Sanremo: Fiorello jokes about the confirmations and Amadeus tightens the circle last edit: 2024-01-30T13:44:27+01:00 da Cristina Gatto

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