Mario Pittoni, Head of the Education Department of the League, former President of the Senate Culture Commission, he launched a reassuring message on social media some teachers. In particular, those temporary teachers who are anxiously awaiting the activation of the enabling paths.

Will there be a limited number of places for qualifying courses? Will the routes be activated at the same time? Will they be delivered online? If yes, to what extent? These are some points touched by Pittoni.

Pittoni's words on the school's enabling paths

These are the words, reported by “It took a decade, after demonstrating with PAS 2013 that limited numbers and pre-selection for access to training courses qualifying teaching can be overcome, but 2024 will be the turning point year. Obviously I will be truly satisfied when I see four objectives achieved:

1) No limited numbers (if necessary, it can be staggered as in the PAS);

2) No pre-selection (it would just be another competition to profit from people who already struggle to put together lunch and dinner);

3) Starting all routes at the same time;

4) Extension of online to the extent that it does not affect the quality of lessons, to contain costs and facilitate access for those who do not live close to university facilities."

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