As the first transport strike of 2024 approaches, set for Wednesday 24 January, public transport in Italy is preparing for a 24 hour stop. The protest was proclaimed by the main grassroots trade unions, including Cobas Lavoro Privato, Cub Trasporti, Usb, ADL, Sgb, Cobas workers associations and Orsa, with a clear reference to the central issues of "Salary, safety and rights".

Transport strike 2024

During the strike day, bus, tram and metro services will be interrupted according to the bands established by law, while still guaranteeing a minimum service.

Specifically, the service periods from the start of the day shift to will be affected 8.29am and from 17pm to 19.59pm.

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Le reasons for the protest they are multiple and range from the request for salary increases to greater protection in terms of safety at work.

The unions express concern about "the rush to sell out to private individuals and multinationals", underlining the lack of investment adequate public services in the public transport sector.

Updates and details

The strike announcement follows previous taxi drivers' unrest planned for Tuesday 23 January in Rome, also proclaimed by the USB.

The day of protest includes a protest and an assembly scheduled from 10am in Piazza Bocca della Verità. At the same time, an 8-hour national strike of railway operations staff has been confirmed, scheduled for 12 next February.

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The union situation therefore becomes intense, with various categories of workers who express their concerns and demands through planned protest actions.

It remains to be seen the impact such strikes will have on different areas and sectors and how they will evolve in the context of union negotiations in progress.

Transport Strike 2024: national blockade for 24 hours last edit: 2024-01-23T12:18:10+01:00 da Cristina Gatto

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