In a very complex year for the school and for the teachers, made up of competitions and qualifying courses, the school does not miss anything: also the opening of GPS, provincial substitute rankings.

In the last few hours, this is precisely what has been constantly discussed in the school world: Could the GPS be extended? Chaos exploded a few hours ago when, as Orizzonte Scuola also reports, the Bari section of the Cisl union published an announcement with satisfaction: "GPS extension to June 24th!" (See photo below)

The problem is that this post is no longer visible on the CISL Scuola Bari page. Why? An error? An announcement made too soon and without having the approval of those responsible?

School GPS extension: idea actually under discussion

La CISL School national team, meanwhile, has informed that this is an extension that could be evaluated by the Ministry, so for now there is nothing defined or official. According to Orizzonte Scuola this is an extension actually under discussion, but the June 24 date could be changed. Will the school GPS closure be extended? Teachers will have to wait (again) before having the answer to this question.

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