The Sanremo 2024 line continues: good ratings, but slightly lower than last year. Same situation between first and second evening.

This time too it was the evening of Sanremo it was slightly less seen than the last edition. The second evening of the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival was seen by 10.361.000 spectators with a 60,1% share. The decline was recorded in the first part of the second evening which was seen by 13.434.000 spectators with a 57,6% share, while the second part was seen by 6.899.000 spectators with a 66,2% share.

Sanremo 2024: lost over 2% share. Now we are aiming for recovery

Last year the second evening attracted 10.545.000 spectators, equal to a 62,3% share. Therefore, a drop of over 2 percentage points equivalent to around 200 thousand viewers. Last year, the first part (from approximately 21pm to midnight) was seen by 14.087.000 spectators, with a share of 61%, while the second part (from approximately midnight to 1am) by 40 spectators, with a share of 6.281.000%.

Sanremo 2024: how the second evening went

We followed it live second evening of Sanremo, with live scores of Fantasanremo (read here). The ranking of the singers was instead the following:

Sanremo 2024: second evening, updated ranking and ratings last edit: 2024-02-08T11:31:31+01:00 da Antonio Murone

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