In these days Sanremo 2024 It's causing discussion like any self-respecting festival. One of the topics of discussion this morning are the boos at the announcement of Geolier as the winner of the cover evening. Ariston absolutely did not appreciate this victory and the whistles also embarrassed the presenters: Amadues and Cuccarini.

Geolier's song hits the internet

There are many conversations about it, but there is one fact that is quite surprising and confirms that Geolier's song is also highly appreciated outside the Festival: it is in fact the most listened to song on the various platforms among the Sanremo 2024 songs. First on Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music. Practically on 3 of the 5 apps taken into consideration. But it doesn't end there: Geolier is also in the top five on Amazon music, while only on iTunes does it not appear in the top 5. Here is the summary image

Annalisa (present between first, second and third place in all 5 apps) and Angelina Mango also did very well. Mahmood and Irama are also always present in the top 5. Loredana Bertè, on the other hand, is only present among the most listened to songs on iTunes. Big absentees: Negramaro, Mannoia, Emma.

Sanremo 2024: the ranking of the most listened to songs, Geolier surprise! last edit: 2024-02-10T11:07:06+01:00 da Staff

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