At the end of Cesena-Olbia, yesterday evening, the father of Shpendi, a striker from Romagna, entered the field hitting with a fist the goalkeeper of Olbia. It is possible that the reason was an unpleasant foul committed during the match by the Sardinian goalkeeper against the Cesena attacker.

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What consequences? Risk of disqualification of the field

According to, the risk is that the Judge could punish Cesena for objective liability with disqualification from the pitch.

For Shpendi's father the sanction could arrive Daspo for a year, however for the Juventus club two hypotheses open up:

  • a hefty fine
  • the disqualification of the field for strict liability.

The Sports Judge could also issue an initial verdict or order a supplementary investigation. The club is waiting.

Risk of disqualification of the pitch: the announcement is awaited last edit: 2024-01-08T15:14:21+01:00 da Staff

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