On January 18th, at 10 am, at the Aran, the unions will sign the definitive agreement for the renewal of the school contract 2019-21, which will become executive once published in the Official Journal. All the news and previews on the 2022-24 contract.

Renewal of the 2019-21 school contract

The Court of Auditors examined the hypothesis of a National Collective Labor Agreement relating to the period 2019-2021, certifying the costs and compatibility with programming tools. Uil Scuola Rua is the only representative trade union organization not to have signed the renewal.

The 2019-21 contract provides for notable innovations, with average monthly salary increases of 124 euros for teachers and 190 euros for directors of general and administrative services, already approved in November and included in salaries from December 2022.

For teaching staff, further increases in Teachers' Professional Salary (RPD) and Additional Individual Compensation (CIA) are planned. Furthermore, there is a 10% increase in wages for additional hours, financed with the Training Offer Improvement Fund (FMOF).

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There are also increases in allowances for bilingualism, trilingualism, night and holiday work for educational staff and ATA of educational institutions, together with the management allowance for DSGA.

Economic positions will be simplified thanks to the new CCNL, making the mechanism for assigning new positions easier than in the past.

The technical assistants of the first cycle will receive an inconvenience allowance, varying from 350,00 to 800,00 Euros gross per year, based on the number of schools entrusted and the average distance between them.

Details and previews

Teachers and ATA in service in 2022/23 will receive a "one-off" payment of 63 and 44 euros, although the date of assignment of the salary amounts is not yet defined.

With regard to the teacher training, the courses will be held during service hours, avoiding replacements of absent staff. Participation will result in the reimbursement of travel expenses for off-site courses.

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Functional activities can take place remotely, as long as they are not of a deliberative nature. The hours dedicated to the Operational Work Groups (GLO) are part of the mandatory 40 hours of functional activities.

Il three-year bond of stay in the place of employment is included in the contract, with some exceptions for parents and caregivers. Furthermore, tenured teachers will have the opportunity to accept annual full-time substitutions, including support and other competitive classes.

For ATA staff

The recent National Collective Labor Agreement (CCNL) introduces important changes for the ATA staff. One of the main innovations is the introduction of the school operator, with extra tasks of non-specialist assistance to pupils with disabilities and support for administrative and technical services.

ATA vertical mobility is available again, allowing transition to the next area. The third tier ATA rankings will be updated in 2024, with the introduction of new titles and professional profiles.

The contract outlines the remote working methods for ATA staff, distinguishing between agile and remote working. There is also the possibility for substitute teachers and ATA to benefit from three days of paid leave.

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The period of parental leave does not affect holidays, it is assessed according to length of service and the notice period is reduced to 5 days. Furthermore, women victims of violence are guaranteed 120 days of leave, equivalent to maternity leave.

The contract also introduces the recognition of an alias identity for employees who have undertaken a gender transition journey, helping to create an inclusive working environment.

In short, the new school contract brings significant innovations and improvements for teachers and ATA, highlighting the commitment to the well-being and professionalism of school staff.

Renewal of the 2019-21 school contract: news and previews on the 2022-24 contract last edit: 2024-01-17T06:59:16+01:00 da Cristina Gatto

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