Yesterday we talked to you about the idea of ​​the number one of the Italian football federation, Gabriele Gravina: the reform of professional championships. An idea that has divided football clubs between those who are in favor and those who do not agree.

The exclusive news was reported by Sportitalia who this morning added new information to the indiscretion.

Championship reform: moving forward

According to new rumors, the idea is moving forward at full speed. Therefore, it was not just a pour parler, but there is a concrete intention to change Italian football.

President Gravina's idea is very strong: to transform all the professional categories into 18 teams, from Serie A to Serie C.

Therefore, compared to the current situation, 46 professional clubs would be "lost". and there would only be 54 left.

On-site meeting in progress

This morning, the new indiscretion from Sportitalia talks about a meeting going on right now, precisely to discuss the reform of the championships. The meeting, which began at 11 am in Rome, would be between the only presidents of Serie A clubs.

Championship reform, meeting underway: the news last edit: 2024-01-10T11:44:21+01:00 da Staff

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