Once the Christmas celebrations and opulent dinners are over, it becomes crucial to adopt a conscious approach to nutrition, considering not only the quantities consumed but also the caloric value of the foods. Reducing calories by controlling portions becomes the fulcrum of prudent management of nutritional intake.

Reduce calories by controlling portions

The mindful approach begins with understanding calories and their impact on the body. Awareness of your energy consumption is the first step towards prudent nutrition management. It is essential to consider the composition of foods. The balance between carbohydrates, proteins and fats, together with fibre, influences satiety and the management of calories consumed.

The increase in vegetables in dishes not only brings essential nutrients but it contributes to greater satiety. The fibers present in vegetables play a fundamental role in regulating the glycemic index, promoting general health.

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A study shows that starting the meal with a soup can significantly reduce your overall calorie intake. A wise choice, especially when the soup is enriched with vegetables.

Reduce Stress during meals, dimming the lights and listening to music can transform mealtime into a more pleasant experience, encouraging slowing down and conscious chewing.

Practical advice

Drink a glass of water before meals to fill the stomach and reduce the feeling of hunger, helping to limit calorie intake. Add color to your dishes, the presentation of the food on different colored platesIn fact, it can influence the perception of portions, contributing to more moderate consumption.

Wear clothes that allow you to sense when you are about to overdo it. A belt or buttoned jacket can serve as a signal to slow down and evaluate feeling of satiety. Preferring whole carbohydrates, rich in fiber, can reduce the overall glycemic index of a meal. Changing your perspective on breakfast, for example, can limit your calorie intake.

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Chew, chew and still chew. Munching on foods that require a certain chewing effort helps to slow down the meal, allowing the body to sense satiety before consuming too many calories.

If you have a weakness for buffets, do a complete tour before serving yourself. Avoid choosing the first food you encounter, so as to make more informed choices at the end of the tour.

By following these simple tricks, you can manage your calorie intake intelligently without sacrificing the pleasure of eating. Remember that these strategies are not a "diet", but little tricks useful within a regular diet.

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